MYRTLE BEACH WEB DESIGN - GREENVILLE WEB DESIGN - COLUMBIA WEB DESIGN - CHARLESTON WEB DESIGN, Myrtle Beach Web Development - Web Design and Development: Go Now Media is a professional web design and development company that offers affordable web design to the Myrtle Beach South Carolina area. We specialize in the latest content management services and search engine friendly websites. We offer website management tools, ecommerce, web promotion, web hosting, database design and graphic design.
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Live Technical Support

If you ever have any questions about using the tools or features in your new Web site, our professional, courteous Customer Care representatives will be ready and waiting to assist you! Call us, e-mail us, or use the live Internet chat tool as often as you want-it's all part of the value-added service included with your monthly hosting/service fee.

Advanced ChatLink Technology

This amazing feature is an enhanced version of the Internet chat tool that gives our Customer Care representatives the ability to remotely share your mouse and keyboard for quick and easy service. Once you enable the ChatLink feature, it will create a direct link between your computer and a Customer Care representative's computer in our support center, allowing them to show you how to perform each step in the process in real time on your computer screen! Whenever you would like to resume control of your computer, simply pause the session or override the Customer Care rep by moving your mouse.

E-Commerce Tools

Your new Web site provides you with access to all of the components necessary to help you start making money online: a merchant account, a fully customizable product catalog, a virtual shopping cart, advanced pricing features, shipping, handling and tax rules, payment options, inventory tracking, and order processing features.

Customizable Product Catalog

Every Myrtle Beach Web Design includes tools that give you the ability to create an extensive online catalog capable of displaying thousands of items, with fully customizable pages that can be modified to reflect the look and feel you want your business to project. More than just a listing of products, your online catalog offers a wide range of extra features: functional image support, product categories and divisions, product descriptions, discount coding, custom shipping methods, handling charges with basic and premium options, tax methods and more.

Thumbnail Creator

When you start uploading product images to your online catalog, all of your images will be automatically reduced to thumbnail-sized pictures ideal for displaying your merchandise. Regardless of the original size, all of the thumbnail images on your site will have the same width, while maintaining the original aspect ratio, resulting in a professional, well-designed look for your product catalog pages.

Multiple Billing Options

Our versatile e-commerce system is designed to give you a variety of options for processing online orders. You can process credit cards online in real time, have orders sent to you by e-mail, or receive batched order reports by fax on a daily basis. Regardless of which payment and billing options you enable on your Web site, you can be confident that all of your transactions are safe and secure on our SSL-encrypted network.

Domain Name Registration

Securing your domain name is one of the most important steps in setting up your online business, and with our domain name tool, the registration process is quick and easy. Our system allows you to check on the availability of up to five .com, .org, .net, .biz, or .info domain names at the same time, and if you already have a domain name, you can use the domain tool to transfer the existing domain name to your new site in just a few steps.

Site Promotion Tool / Search Engine Optimization

No matter how impressive your Web site is, it's not doing you any good if customers can't find you online. With the Site Promotion Tool, we'll help you increase your visibility on the World Wide Web by guiding you through the entire optimization and submission process-from setting meta-tags, choosing keywords and descriptions, to automatically submitting your site to several of the major search engines. We also provide you with tips on optimizing your site to improve your chances of ranking well with search engines, and we include links and instructions for submitting your site to other important search engines that require Web sites to be submitted manually.

Chat Room Application

The Java-based chat room component on your Web site allows you to set up live, online chat sessions between you and your customers. This is a great way to open up a new, direct line of communication with your customers and prospects to establish a more personal relationship, or to talk about new products and special services. You'll be able to maintain control over all the features in the chat room component from the administrative area of your Web site, including advanced features such as user-created chat rooms, permanent chat rooms and password protected chat rooms.

Contact Management Tool

This useful feature allows you to organize and manage contact information for all of your customers, suppliers, and business associates. Once you have built up your contact database, you will be able to create mailing lists and notification systems for sending out bulk e-mail messages announcing new product releases, upcoming sales, or any other special events and promotions.

Integrated Map and Driving Directions

Whenever a new local customer finds your business online, one of the first things they'll want to know is "Where are you located?" Now your customers will be able to use the integrated map feature on your Web site to view a map displaying your exact location, or if they're unfamiliar with the area, your customers can enter their address and receive detailed instructions that will guide them right to your business.

Image Editing and Graphic Design Tools

In the administrative section of your Web site, you'll have access to thousands of dollars worth of image editing and graphic design tools to enhance the look of your site. You'll be able to create your own logos, buttons, and Web site banners, and our advanced image editing tools give you the ability to crop and resize existing images, and further optimize images on your site by adding borders, frames, and text quickly and easily.

Automatic Software Upgrades

Our team of software developers is constantly adding new tools and features to our unique Web site building platform! As one of our Web site customers, you will always be one of the first on the Internet to access these powerful, cutting-edge tools at no additional cost.

Ultra-Secure Server Facility

Your Web site will be hosted on our tiered, high-performance Dell PowerEdge servers powered by Intel Xeon processing technology. Our servers are co-located in El Segundo, California at special, secure facilities that protect them from fires, floods, earthquakes, power outages, and any other types of disasters. The secure facility boasts the following:

°Remotely-monitored video surveillance safeguards our data center and its perimeter 24 hours a day, seven days a week
°Hand scanning sensors authorize our data center's clearance by means of biometric recognition
°Our server racks are reinforced against seismic anomalies with scientifically exact bracing that adjoins both the server racks and the caging environment to a below-floor channel
°Our data center runs on clean power conditioned by an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The UPS provides immunity to energy spikes and surges experienced by the public sector. Backup generators guarantee an alternate power source, providing indefinite hours of additional uptime in the event of a system failure
°Multiple HVAC units supplement principal cooling systems for consistent temperature control and maximum airflow
°A preferred alternative to conventional fire suppression methods, this system, together with intelligent early detection and backup suppression methods, prevents unnecessary equipment damage and incidental loss of uptime
°Internet operations are simultaneously monitored 24 x 7
°Our data centers security monitoring and incident management are controlled by on-premises security officers 24 x 7
°Alarms are monitored 24 x 7 for rapid incident resolution
°Electronic motion sensors detect and react to movement around the perimeter of the data centers and within its interior

Dual-Layer Firewall Protection

Our network is protected by a dual-layer firewall security system utilizing Cisco PIX Firewalls, making it virtually impossible for hackers or unauthorized users to compromise the integrity of your Web site.

No Bandwidth Charges

Many hosting companies put restrictions on the amount of bandwidth your Web site is able to utilize, and impose hefty fees if you ever use more bandwidth than your site is allotted. We will never impose bandwidth limitations on your site, and our ultra-high-capacity, highly redundant Tier-1 Internet backbone with multi-gigabyte data transfer capacity guarantees that your customers will always enjoy dependable, lightning-fast access to your Web site.

Unlimited Hits

As your online business grows and becomes more successful, your Web site needs to be able to handle the increased traffic-without increasing your monthly hosting costs. Many hosting providers set limits on the number of hits your site is able to receive, but with our hosting service, you can be confident that your site can handle all of the increased traffic, no matter how popular your Web site becomes!

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